As per your Purchase Agreement, GST (5%) is not included in the Purchase Price. GST must be paid at closing. The developer will not amend the purchase agreement to include GST, as we can not verify an owner’s usage intent (primary residence vs. income residence) and thereby can not be asked to claim a rebate on behalf of eligible owners.

Once you have successfully closed on your home, and if eligible, you may apply for the GST rebate. It is your responsibility to complete the Application.

Here is how the process typically works:

1. You can download the rebate application below.

  • We have already pre-filled section D for you.
  • Your residential unit (RU) number is not your suite number, it is the legal description of your unit (noted on each page of your purchase agreement)
  • You do not need to enter the Lot#.
  • Download GST Application Form

2. Send to CRA (after you have closed). That’s it!

Rebate Form Coming Soon

GST New Residential Rental Property Form

GST Rebate Guide (info):

For more information, please speak with your bank and or lawyer.

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