Green on Queensbury – Storage Lockers for Purchase

Storage Locker Waitlist

We expect to have a only a few extra storage lockers which we will make available for purchase prior to project completion. As those who requested to be waitlisted  are aware, the storage waitlist and or waitlist confirmation is not a guarantee that you have or that you will receive a storage locker. Only an executed Storage Locker Assignment Addendum will serve as official documentation.

Location of Lockers

The storage lockers will be located in secured areas of the parkade. The exact location to be determined by the Vendor in the Vendor ‘s sole discretion.

When will we contact the waitlist?

We will determine the final number of available lockers for sale once those spaces have completed construction. With over 50 Homeowners on the waitlist and likely just a few spare lockers, the waitlist is now closed.

Please note you will automatically be contacted if selected, so you do not need to inquire about waitlist status. To provide the fairest approach, we will contact our storage waitlist (in order of requests received) in or around May 2019. The contacted individual will have 48hrs to confirm if they wish to proceed. If not, we will move down the list to the next individual.

This page will be updated accordingly.

If you do not hear from us in this regard, it means that the available lockers have all been assigned to individuals, and unfortunately there are no more lockers available.

What is the Cost?

We expect average Storage Lockers to be priced around $4,000+GST per locker. This amount will be due and included on the statement of adjustments at closing.