Green on Queensbury – Storage Lockers for Purchase

We expect to have a limited number of extra storage lockers available for purchase prior to project completion.

The storage lockers will be located in secured areas of the parkade. The exact location to be determined by the Vendor in the Vendor ‘s sole discretion.

Storage areas (including any applicable storage lockers) may vary in size, shape and convenience of location may have low ceilings to allow for, and may be partially obstructed by, columns, pipes, ducts, mechanical equipment, electrical equipment, stairs and other facilities and equipment.

Once lockers are constructed, we will determine the final number of available lockers and their estimated size(s). We expect to reach out to our storage waitlist (in order of requests received) in or around April 2019. We expect average Storage Lockers to be priced around $4,000+GST per locker. This amount will be due and included on the statement of adjustments at closing.

Please note that waitlist confirmation is not a guarantee that you have or that you will receive a storage locker. (Only an executed Storage Locker Assignment Addendum will serve as official documentation).