While the empty-nester market is largely driven by home size and a low-maintenance lifestyle, it doesn’t end there. Factors that support a smooth transition to a smaller living space are top considerations for downsizers, says builders of apartment-style condos in the city…

Vice President of Planning and Marketing for Qualex-Landmark™, Parham Mahboubi, also points to the importance of strong design.

“The interior space, building design and amenities need to exude a sense of quality, pride, class and ‘bragging rights'”, says Mahboubi. “[Downsizers] want to show off the building, the amenities, the upscale design of the suite, and the surrounding views. They want to be able to demonstrate that, by downsizing, they are actually upgrading their lifestyle and not compromising.”

Park Point Roof Garden & Zen Terrace

Park Point Gym & Yoga Studio





Qualex-Landmark™ is now constructing and selling into condo tower Park Point, located in the city’s Beltline district. “[Downsizers] want to know whether they can still host and entertain their guests or children who come to visit the way they used to when they lived in a larger single family home”, Mahboubi adds. “So the kitchen and living area needs to be both functional and strikingly beautiful. It needs to be open and bright.”


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Written by Josh Skapin, Calgary Herald

July 29, 2016