Our Commitment

Our Conviction

Our housing system, our environment, and our collective physical and mental well-being are all interconnected. Together, we are facing issues in our region that have been generations in the making.

Our world is urbanizing, but we know that buildings account for over one third of global greenhouse gas emissions, Canada has the lowest amount of housing per capita of any nation in the G7, and we are finding that as cities grow we are feeling less connected to one another.

We believe that each community we build should push us toward creating better-designed, healthier, more inclusive and sustainable cities. Our industry has a responsibility to make a difference.

Our Practice

Our work must be meaningful to us and the places in which we build. We partner with investors and communities to create new housing near existing transit infrastructure and amenities so we can reach a greater number of people in our region while protecting the natural systems that support us. We recognize each place will reveal its own set of opportunities to make positive change, and we act on these opportunities.

Our People

Our team has been built with the intention to bring unique voices and perspectives to the many complex issues of our day. We embrace our diverse backgrounds and life paths to foster an environment of inclusive experiences, lifetime learning, and a culture of collaboration. We are bound by our practice to listen respectfully, learn from each other, and bring the best ideas into our work.

Our Promise

We are committed to leveraging our skills, partnerships, and resources to address issues of wellness, affordability, and climate change meaningfully in our lifetime. Whether it’s finding new ways to deliver more affordable housing, creating spaces that foster real connections between people, improving our construction practices to limit ecological impact, or investing in energy-efficient and low-carbon design features – we believe that today’s most pressing issues are not distinct from market demands. If we engage authentically with these issues in the daily practice of our work, we will get authentic results that are both good for our world and good for our industry.

We take seriously our responsibility to our people and the people in the communities we create.