Homeowner Care—A Customer-Centric Philosophy & Commitment

A conscience-based approach rooted in doing the right thing informs each step of every Qualex-Landmark™ project. Recognized for our high level of quality and service, our team goes well beyond the typical to educate, inform, and assist our homeowners every step of the way. From regular construction updates to step-by-step homeowner preparation guides and orientations, you will be very well informed as we approach the big day. Once we have the privilege to hand you the keys to your new home, you will have access to our online service scheduling, and our support for years to come.

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Legacy On Dunbar
Homeowner Care

Welcome to Homeowner Care and congratulations on your new home! We look forward to staying in touch with you and will share more info as it becomes available. In the meantime, if you have any questions, please email our sales team at legacy@qualex.ca.

Green On Queensbury
Homeowner Care

Welcome to Homeowner Care! Here's how you can reach us.

General Inquiries:
We will be happy to assist with any general (non service) inquiries that you may have. Contact us at green@qualex.ca

Warranty Service Requests:
1. Head to marcon.ca/home-owner
2. Click on the homeowner tab then click register.
3. Enter your information.

Before submitting a request, please ensure the request is covered by warranty by referring to the Residential Construction Performance Guide

Once you have successfully logged in, you will land on the welcome page where you can click SERVICE REQUEST to submit a request or MANUALS to view your warranty documents.

In order to better serve you, owners can only have one service request open at a time. However, you can have as many items in that service request as you require and will be able to add new items to an existing request at any time. The file will remain open until all items have been responded to.

Property Management/Strata Inquiries:
At this time, Green on Queensbury is solely managed and operated by your Strata Council and Property Manager.

Property Management (Associa): Please contact Craig Rumsby, T| 604-714-1538 or E| craig.rumsby@associa.ca for any inquiries.

Park Point
Homeowner Care

Welcome to Homeowner Care! The Park Point Homeowner Care Portal access and Residential Unit warranty period has expired. For inquiries regarding Park Point's Common Property's 5 Year Building Envelope Coverage and 10 Year Structural Coverage, please contact your Condo Corporation or Property Manager.

For homeowner care information and manuals of past projects, please email homeownercare@qualex.ca.