Green on Queensbury Pathway
When it comes to investing in a new home, the age-old question of deciding between a detached home or townhome is one that buyers will inevitably come across. If you live in Vancouver, this decision is typically dependent on two factors:  inventory and cost. Growing families or downsizers opting to live in the city are more likely to transition to a townhome due to inventory within the city. According to the Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver, sales of townhomes are also on the rise totaling 371 townhomes sold in December 2017, an increase of 43.8% compared to the previous year.

Townhome living has several advantages that every buyer should consider:

  1. Multi level living at a lower cost: Townhomes typically market at a lower cost than detached homes. Securing a townhome during presale will help build equity as housing prices rise over the course of the construction period. Multi level living in townhomes also has the feel of a detached home without the high price.
  1. Urban/street level conveniences: Townhomes are usually situated near urban areas. For those who are looking to stay nearby or within the city, a townhome is ideal especially for growing families looking to transition from a one-bedroom apartment. Street level units with direct access to the exterior yard provide excellent convenience to those who pursue active outdoor lifestyles such as cyclists, or pet owners who prefer not to drag their pets through the building common area corridors. These types of homeowners also place higher value on their privacy.
  1. Close community: Part of design benefits, the configuration of townhomes promotes a sense of security and community between the residents.
  1. Sustains a minimal lifestyle: There is a special appeal to living in a multi-level townhome suite. It has the feel of a larger single-family home but within a smaller footprint.
  1. Minimal maintenance: Townhomes appeal to home buyers seeking a lock and go hassle-free lifestyle. Homeowners also do not need to worry about property maintenance or repairs since maintenance of your building is included within strata fees. Household maintenance such as landscaping, cleaning gutters or repairs are all taken care of which translates to added convenience and cost savings.
  1. Access to amenities within the building: A wide range of amenities just steps away provide elements of convenience and accessibility to townhome owners.

Qualex Features

Townhome living at Green on Queensbury also includes additional advantages:

  1. Parkfront: Five acres of soon to be revitalized park space at your doorstep. Those who have an affinity for the outdoors can also enjoy the Spirit Trail close by which will eventually extend from Horseshoe Bay all the way to Deep Cove. City initiatives in North Vancouver will also be bringing some exciting new additions soon that residents can enjoy.
  1. Heating and Cooling: Highlighting comfort at home, room controlled efficient water heating and cooling will keep you cozy during winter and cool all summer. Designed with sustainability as the driving principle, targeting “LEED Gold for Homes Multi-Family Midrise”, the best standard for multi-family and mid-rise residential green buildings. Green on Queensbury will also conveniently connect to Lonsdale Energy Corporation (LEC) to utilize district energy for cost efficient and sustainable heating and hot water. For a comprehensive outline of the LEED (gold) for Homes-Multi-family Mid-Rise green building standard being implemented at Green on Queensbury, click here.
  1. Private Car Garage*: Truly integrating features of a detached home, private car garages allow for quick access and privacy in an out of the home

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*some townhomes