Statistic Canada’s Quarterly Demographic Statistics publication is out and Alberta continues to draw Canadians in. Defying expectations of negative effects from the recent drop in oil, Alberta has gained 6,732 net new inter-provincial migrants in early 2015. More Canadians have relocated to Alberta this year than in 2014 -before all the drama about oil began. From the 3177 Ontarians to the 170 Prince Edward Islanders, Canada’s sunniest cities are welcoming the continued wave of new homeowners. The golden plains welcomed 8,187 new immigrants to the province this year as well, the second largest amount Alberta’s ever seen. Evidently the province is prosperous and growing, despite rumours to the contrary. Everyone likes a good story, but the best story here is that Alberta won’t be defined by one industrial sector. Like the rest of Canada, Alberta offers both beauty and abundance to share with the world, and clearly the world has taken notice.


Statistics from article “Mobility & Migration: BC recovers while Alberta defies oil expectations”