Now more than ever, homeowners have more choices in choosing their home with amenities that align with their needs. As we see more sophisticated and unique amenities in condo projects hit the market, there is a notice of an “arms race” when it comes to in building amenity spaces.

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When considering options for a new apartment-style condo, the floor plan and location is sometimes only part of the picture.

Amenity spaces within the development can elevate the experience, with more opportunities for convenience, recreation, relaxation or to connect with neighbours, all within the convenient reach of a ride on the elevator.

Whether it’s a place to enjoy a beverage with a friend after work, host the grandchildren for an afternoon at the swimming pool or plant vegetables in a community garden, these added features can make a difference.

Here are five such examples in condo buildings located in Calgary.


Moving into an apartment can still mean plenty of time with your trowel, cultivator and gardening gloves.

Buildings with community gardens are giving green thumbs a place to continue their love for planting, growing and tending to vegetables and herbs. It’s also a relaxing way to bond with others in the building that have the same interest.

Among the apartment developments with community gardens in Calgary are the Annex by Minto Communities in inner-city Kensington, which will have a 17-bed garden slated for its rooftop patio. Some of the others include Radius in Bridgeland by Bucci Developments, Grow by Rndsqr in Bankview and Nude by Battistella Developments in the city’s Beltline District.


After a hard day of work, sometimes a place to connect with a neighbour and watch the hockey game in an upscale gathering space is just the ticket.

This is one of the marquee amenities in multiple condo skyscrapers, such as Park Point by Qualex-Landmark, The Royal by Bosa and the Guardian by Hon Developments.

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