One-bedroom display suite kitchen


Two-bedroom display suite kitchen

Kitchens in condos come in an assortment of shapes that each have strengths worth considering.

When designing a kitchen, Qualex-Landmark says it starts by looking at the configuration of the overall space.
“The primary objective is to create floor plan design that are beautiful, open and practical, where form and function are well balanced,” says vice-president of marketing and planning Parham Mahboubi.
Qualex-Landmark is building the Park Point condo skyscraper in Calgary’s Beltline District. The company’s take on the look and feel of the kitchen can vary depending on whether it’s part of a one- or two-bedroom floor plan, says Mahboubi.
In one-bedroom formats, “kitchen islands are difficult to realize since they take up more space,” Mahboubi says. “In these more compact spaces, U-shaped, galley and linear kitchens offer flexibility to accommodate the specific needs of homeowners.”

“In our two-bedroom and larger suites,” he adds. “We find that kitchen islands can be effectively introduced without compromising circulation and cabinetry storage.We always start by looking at the configuration of a space with the aim of balancing efficient circulation while maximizing kitchen cabinetry and maintaining an open concept living design.”

Written by: Josh Skapin

Date: February 24, 2017