Kitchen at Park Point

Buyers often grapple with the decision of which project to buy into. With an abundance of inventory in the market to choose from, buyers will usually consider price point, location, and amenities that a project has to offer. With the rising prices of real estate, developers will often have to think outside of the box to satisfy buyers’ needs while balancing the reality of increasing land and construction costs.

At Park Point, integrating the feature of a guest suite within the building will allow flexibility for homeowners to utilize their apartment space for their own unique needs. In terms of affordability in relation to this feature, buyers can now enjoy a one bedroom option without worrying about guest space. For those opting for a two-bedroom, this allows for growing families or working professionals to utilize the space base on their own lifestyle needs.

Featured in Calgary Herald:

Qualex-Landmark has made guest suites part of its past five Calgary skyscrapers, and there’s another headed for its next one, Park Point in the amenity-rich Beltline District.

“It affects the buying decision, as purchasers don’t need to worry about a second bedroom or guest room for visitors … relying instead upon the guest suite,” says Jordan Beach, vice-president of sales and service, calling the feature “sought-after” by potential buyers.

Qualex-Landmark’s are typically 350 to 425 square feet. “It keeps their visitors closer than a hotel, is less expensive, and often nicer as they are completed to the same level and specifications as our homes,” he adds. “Guests also have access to visitor parking, and the building’s amenities.”

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