Whether it’s a communal vegetable garden, outdoor terraces with benches and barbecues or a bicycle sharing program, savvy real estate developers are taking a special look at shared living platforms.

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Qualex-Landmark, an award-winning Vancouver-based developer that has built six projects in Calgary’s Beltline area, has found the sweet spot when it comes to creating shared amenities.

Its latest Calgary project, Park Point, offers a multitude of first-class shared amenities and a selection of stunning homes located next to Victorian gardens and the thriving boutiques and restaurants of the Beltline. The development has attracted interest from a spectrum of buyers, including those downsizing from large homes in the suburbs.
“We treat each project as if it is a custom tailored project. We carefully and thoughtfully tailor the design and scale of building amenities to the specific needs of the target demographic. Our decisions are tempered by the objective to introduce amenities that are timeless and will not become unappreciated or under-utilized over the long run,” says Qualex-Landmark’s president Mohammed Esfahani.

When it comes to the downsizer or baby boomer crowd, Esfahani says this crowd is of its own different mindset.
“These homebuyers are a savvy group and not in a rush to relocate until they have eliminated their fears and concerns to downsize and live in a more efficiently planned space where the amenities are shared with others in the building.”

He says that this demographic is more socially oriented so “shared amenities in a building certainly have appeal, but to get to that point they have to fully investigate the idea of shared living since they generally do not make risky or erratic decisions.”

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Published on: April 8, 2016