Featured in Avenue Magazine (Calgary)

Not everyone in this city works an office job-at least not in the traditional sense of the word. Growing numbers of Calgarians are entrepreneurs and small-business owners, and many work from home. But ditching the daily commute doesn’t negate the need for dedicated workspace, particularly when clients are involved. Enter live-work spaces.

Park Point, located across the road from Central Memorial Park in the Beltline, is a residential tower divided into classic apartments and penthouse units. At the street level the building boasts eight live-work units, zoned for both business and residential use. The two-storey units have streetfront business entrances as well as private entrances to the interior of the building. With the public areas of the home located on the main floor and the private areas on the second floor, clients don’t have to share the family bathroom or bear witness to unmade beds.

For some owners, this set-up can also encourage better balance in their personal lives. “In the absence of separation, someone like myself will work all the time.” says Kyla Wenzel, a Park Point resident and owner of a skin-care business. “I don’t have the insistent environmental temptations to lure me away from other, important components of my life that also deserve my attention!”

The units are so popular that developer Qualex-Landmark™ is considering creating more than originally planned in the second phase of Park Point. As the entrepreneurial initiatives in our city continues to grow, expect live-work units to follow suit.