Green on Queensbury is nearing completion! To mark this momentous milestone, we decided to take a closer look at Green on Queensbury and everything it took to bring this community to life. Our construction project coordinator, Jordan Devlin, took some time to answer a few burning questions of ours from the process of building Green on Queensbury to what stands out about wood frame construction.

Jordan Devlin, Qualex-Landmark Project Coordinator

What does your typical day look like?
My typical day on site at the moment revolves around ensuring the quality of our finished suites. I spend a lot of time in the suites inspecting the work to date, and working with the Marcon Quality Control team to correct any deficiencies before our homeowners view their suites.


Green on Queensbury is a wood frame building. What are some highlights/advantages about wood frame buildings and are they trending? 
Wood frame construction has a lot of advantages: environmentally speaking, it is a renewable building material requiring a low level of production energy and is a store for carbon. It is a natural insulator meaning homes require less energy to maintain heating & cooling.  With code evolving to allow wood frame construction in taller buildings, it is most definitely trending.


What is one thing that has surprised you about the construction process at Green on Queensbury?
This is the first project I have been a part of at Qualex so I have been surprised by a few things but none more so than the great detail we like to get into on site to ensure we are delivering the end product we promise our homeowners.


Why did we choose wood frame versus concrete for this project?
The driving principle behind our design at Green was sustainability – as depicted above, wood frame construction is more aligned with this.


What are a few things that homeowners can look forward to?
There is so much to look forward to for our homeowners: the in suite Jaga Briza heating & cooling system, the soft closing cabinetry, the access to the park which is currently being revitalized and the array of everyday amenities they will have at their disposal.


  • In the last 8 weeks of construction, there was an average of 154 workers on site per day.
  • The European cabinetry at Green on Queensbury was manufactured in British Columbia.
  • Our heating is connected to LEC to utilize district energy for cost-efficient and sustainable heating and hot water.
  • Moodyville Park neighboring this park side community is being revitalized!