Article via CREB

As the Beltline’s popularity continues to rise among professionals and downsizers, many new home buyers are opting out of parking stalls.

Qualex-Landmark™ group’s newest project in the Beltline, Park Point, is offering parking stalls as an option for buyers. “We do sell certain plans or groups of units with the option of not having a parking stall due to limited parking”, says Jordan Beach, Vice President of Sales and Service.

“These typically sell to the younger demographic or those who don’t consider a car to be a necessity with all the amenities within walking distance.” That said, Beach confirms that parking is indeed “a selling feature, especially with the mid-age to older demographic.”

The Beltline’s proximity to downtown makes it convenient for residents to walk, bike, or use transit for their daily commutes. Additionally, the City’s Green Line plan is calling for a future north-southeast track running down 10th or 12th Avenue.
Going without parking can save on purchasing costs, Beach notes that stalls are typically valued between $30,00-$40,000. Although it is a gradual process getting prospective buyers used to a parking-optional home, the convenience of Beltline living continues to draw in residents from all over the city.