Reputation for top quality developments sets Qualex-Landmark™ apart.


Price is big, so are quality and location, but for those contemplating buying a home, the homework assignment should also include researching the reputation of a developer or builder.
Qualex-Landmark™, a Vancouver-headquartered high-rise developer with a long and illustrious history of designing and building trend-setting towers in Calgary’s Beltline area, has enjoyed a solid reputation for its product.

That reputation has become even stronger now that the company’s Mark on 10th high-rise was named 2016 winner of a pair of Awards of Excellence in Housing presented by the Canadian Home Builders’ Association-Alberta. The most significant of the two was being named the Best Multi-Family Project in the province; the second was winning the category for the best apartment priced under $350,000.

“We find that homebuyers in Calgary are particularly sensitive to developer reputation, especially when the economy is experiencing swings,” says Parham Mahboubi, Vice-President of Planning and Marketing for Qualex-Landmark. “By now, Calgarians have become accustomed to such swings, however, a solid real estate investment is still a very important life-changing decision and they will study the real estate sector very carefully before taking the final step.”

Name recognition is no problem with Qualex-Landmark, which has been changing the face of the Beltline since breaking ground for its first project there in 2002. Over that time, it has built Stella, Nova, Luna, Calla, and Mark on 10th.

Earlier this year, its newest tower, the 34-storey Park Point, located across from Central Memorial Park and currently under construction but more than 50 per cent sold, won two silver awards at the Nationals 2016, the national sales and marketing awards program of the U.S.-based National Association of Home Builders (NAHB). The awards were for best presentation centre, and best interior merchandising for a show suite under $350,000. “Earning awards for its residential communities is one of the ways Qualex-Landmark has been recognized as an industry leader for developing upscale residential communities that exceed expectations,” says Mahboubi.

So, what swayed the judges in naming Mark on 10th as the top Alberta multi-family project? In short, its accessible central location, building amenities like the eye-catching lobby area, the urban garden on the third floor podium and another outdoor area at the penthouse level. And what was it about the apartment that set it apart?

“Where to start?” asks Mahboubi. How about an open-air balcony with views from Stampede Park to the mountains, or the upscale German-made cabinetry in the kitchen and bath and stainless steal appliances, and an open-concept design. “And we can’t forget the interior design team that intentionally chose each detail from the overall placement of appliances to the specific location of cabinets and drawers, in order to ensure a cohesive, clean, and functional space,” says Mahboubi.

So, with all of this, and a price under $350,000, what is the buyer profile? Mahboubi says a “considerable proportion” are young professional singles or couples who are either just starting their careers or are well established who want to live close to work but also enjoy the downtown lifestyle.

Written By: Marty Hope

Date: December 2016

™ denotes one or more trademarks of Qualex-Landmark Management Inc. used under license by Qualex-Landmark Western Inc.