If a Homeowner disagrees with the opinion of the Developer on the status or validity of a Service Request, or with the state of repair of an PI or Service Request item, you may request Conciliation through Alberta New Home Warranty.

Before doing so, it is very important you reference standards of construction set out in the ANHWP Workmanship & Material Reference Guide, which gives both parties (builder and buyer) an unambiguous tool for resolving disputes and differences of opinion. Click to download.

Requesting Conciliation (Per ANHWP)

A conciliation investigation (or claim assessment, as it became known on February 1, 2014) aims to establish the root cause of an issue and determine its warranty coverage.

Your Request for Assistance authorizes the Program to contact your builder and begin an investigation. Within the conciliation process, the Program must respect the agreements already in place between you and your builder.

The inspector will contact you for more details about the issue and your builder’s response and request copies of any relevant documents and correspondence.

When the inspector visits your new home, a representative from each party with the authority to make decisions must also attend. We conduct inspections as soon as possible after receiving a Request for Assistance.

Along with informal discussion between the builder and homeowner during the process, an investigation often leads to resolution and a responsive course of action without further involvement of the Program.

Conciliation Report

In all cases, the claims assessor will prepare a Conciliation Report to detail the investigation’s findings and outline responsibilities. With total objectivity, the Conciliation Report (now called the Claim Assessment Report) establishes the root cause of a disputed issue and its eligibility for warranty coverage based on standards set forth in the Government of Alberta’s performance guidelines.

If the situation is a warrantable issue, the report will outline the required builder response and timelines for corrective action. The Program will monitor progress to ensure successful closure within an appropriate timeframe.

Timeline for Corrective Action

The builder is responsible for material and workmanship issues in the first year. For such issues, the Conciliation Report typically gives our Builder Member a firm deadline for corrective action. In the unlikely event that the builder fails to respond, Program staff will coordinate and supervise completion of the necessary work.

For a major structural defect after the first year and within the coverage period, the Program will resolve the issue within the limits of the warranty coverage. See your warranty certificate for limits, terms and conditions.

If either party disputes the determinations of the conciliation process, arbitration may be necessary.

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