The PDI, PI & Warranty Processes


PDI – PRE DELIVERY INSPECTION (Occurs in the weeks/months ahead of Possession)

This is your first opportunity to view your home prior to possession and to confirm that work on your new home is complete and satisfactory or to identify any outstanding items. The PDI takes place a few months or weeks in advance of your estimated Closing/Possession. An inspection and orientation of your new home will take about one hour.

The Purchaser(s) on contract (only), your Qualex Homeowner Care Representative, and Axiom Representative (builder) will review the home for anything that may be in need of further attention.

Another very important purpose of the inspection is to familiarize you with your new home and all its features. This will include demonstrations of equipment and useful information on maintenance, emergencies and upkeep. Failure to ensure proper maintenance can cause undesirable living conditions or possibly void the warranty.

While we understand this is an exciting time and you may be tempted to bring others to view your new home, for the reasons above, we will not be able to make any acceptations. Not to worry, you will have plenty of time to show off your new home at Park Point after possession!

Safety Is Paramount

We will be touring an active construction zone with strict government safety requirements. For this reason,  will be visiting your home only, and will not be not touring other areas of the development. Inspections have to occur during site safety hours, which are Monday to Friday. Safety gear including hard hat, visibility vest and steel toed shoes are mandatory and will be provided. Please ensure you come dressed in closed toed shoes (no heels) and long pants (no dress/skirt).

We will regretfully have to turn away:

  • Any individuals other than the Homeowner(s) on title (such as Realtors, Friends/Family, potential Tenants etc.)
  • Homeowners not dressed in closed toed shoes and or long pants

Defects and Deficiencies – what is the difference?

Defects are items that have been installed and completed but require additional work to meet the industry standard (as determined here: or Alberta Building Code (ABC). Typically, these are simply cosmetic defects related to fit, finish or appearance.

Deficiencies are items in the Purchase Agreement that are incomplete at the time of inspection. For example, if you were promised a microwave in the Purchase Agreement and it was not present at the time of the PDI – this would be a deficiency.

Important: Defects and deficiencies do not include damage. During your inspection, you should note any damage. Damage and or wear and tear are not covered after possession or under your new home warranty.

Who determines what is considered a defect? The Builder or the Homeowner?

Qualex-Landmark™ prides itself on beautiful homes with above industry standard finishes and care. During the lead-up to mandatory warranty, the Government of Alberta adopted Alberta New Home Warranty’s Workmanship & Material Reference Guide as the foundation for the provincial Performance Guidelines that every Alberta homebuilder isbe bound to uphold. If there is ever difference of opinion regarding what is a defect during the PDI, PI or Service Request, the Homeowner and Builder will reference these standards. Click here to review the newly released Construction Performance Guide for New Home Warranty in Alberta.

Conducting the Inspection

We will be detailing any defects and deficiencies on a Defects and Deficiencies Form (digital) signed by both you the Homeowner and Qualex Homeowner Care Representative. A copy will be emailed to you and you will also be able to access this and other documents through your Homeowner Portal.

Unable to attend your PDI? – Click here to Appoint a Designate


2. PI – POSSESSION INSPECTION (Occurs on your scheduled Possession Date)

Once you take possession of your home, and before you move any items in, a Qualex Homeowner Care Representative will accompany you to your home for a final review of completed PDI item list. If any PDI items remain outstanding, or if any new damage is noted (unlikely), that information will be recorded and processed for a Service Visit, which usually occurs within 30 days of receipt.

When the time nears, you will receive an official Closing Notice for your home. This notice includes the both the official Closing Date and the Possession Date and Time. The time is for your PI.

Like with the PDI, we cannot not accommodate any other individuals other than the Homeowner(s) on title for the PI. Schedule a more relaxing time afterwards for friends and family to see your new home!

Unable to attend your PI? – Click here to Appoint a Designate


3. 1ST YEAR SERVICE REQUESTS (From Possession onwards)

1st Year Service Requests –  General

The PDI is your formal home inspection with the builder. Valid defects or warrantable items (refer to noted after you take possession can be sent via Service Request through our Homeowner Portal (at for action or response. An example of this would be a door which is no longer closing properly. Once the request is received, our Homeowner Care Department will review it (typically within 3 business days), and if applicable, schedule an appointment for repair. Service Requests must be sumbitted by the owner on title only (tenant and or verbal requests will not be addressed).

Service Requests –  Settlement Cracks

Settlement cracks often occur after possession and are very common. Cracks can occur in the ceiling or drywall due to the building settling. If requested (some homeowners wish to opt-out), settlement cracks a repaired (filled, sanded and made paint ready) at the end of the first year of your warranty. We strongly encourage you to log these and not submit them until 1-3 months prior to the end of the warranty period and not in advance.

Wear & Tear, Damage and Tenant Damage

Service Requests submitted after the PI relating to damage, wear and tear will not be address and are not covered by warranty.

Common Property Warranty

The exterior of your home is common property. While we will review your patio/balcony during the PDI, the exterior of your entry door, common hallways and other areas of the building will be inspected separately with your Property Manager and or Condo Board.

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