Pre-Delivery Orientation, Possession Inspection,  Move In & First Year Warranty

PDO (Pre-Delivery Orientation):

  • Occurs typically 2 weeks – 2 months prior to possession
  • Prior to possession, we will schedule a pre-delivery orientation of your unit to explain maintenance, operation and location of your new home. This is a chance to take a few measurements for that new furniture!
  • Please note that for safety and efficiency reasons, only the Purchaser(s) and Customer Service Agent may attend. Obviously no pets or children allowed during PDO.
  • Can’t Attend? Appoint a Designate by completing Mark Appointment of Designate
  • PDI Appointment Details and Restrictions (important)

PI (Possession Inspection)

  • The day following the successful legal closing of your home, is when you take “Possession”. Typically after 12pm.
  • You will meet with a Qualex representative to receive your keys, homeowner package, and will conduct a room-by-room review of your home. Anything that requires attention or correction in accordance with ANHWP Workmanship and Materials Guide will be noted on your Alberta New Home Warranty Possession Inspection Form. That way, there is no debate later about who is responsible.
  • Please note that only the Purchaser(s) on title (or their authorized designate) and Customer Service Agent may attend.  Home Inspectors, Tenants, and Realtors should be scheduled after your Possession Inspection time.
  • Can’t Attend? Appoint a Designate by completing Mark Appointment of Designate

Move In:

  • Anytime after your possession inspection has been completed (same day or later), you are free to begin to move items into your new home!
  • Elevator reservation is required.
  • Information regarding booking the elevator will be provided in your closing letter, and will be scheduled by the Property Manager only

First Year Service:

Please refer to warranty coverage section

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