Alberta New Home Warranty Coverage

Although Mark on Tenth does not fall under Alberta’s new Mandatory Warranty (as mandatory warranty is only applicable to building permits applied for after February 1, 2014), it is still covered by ANHWP’s pre-mandatory warranty.

Despite warranty not being mandated previously, we have always included ANHWP on our past projects for the sole benefit of our Homeowners. The purpose is to provide our customers with the resources they need to become better educated about multi-family home building standards and the process to resolve issues should they arise. For the builder, having ANHWP in place requires that specific standards of new home construction are in place. For more information, visit:

ANHWP Enrollment Details
ANHWP Workmanship and Materials Guide
ANWHP Care & Maintenance Guide

Mark on 10th’s Coverage


In-Suite (Post Possession):

  • Subject to the ANHWP Workmanship and Material Guide, any item considered a deficiency or defect throughout the first year, must be communicated via Service Request through our fully interactive Homeowner Care Platform
  • You can expedite the process by working with the completion work coordinator to arrange access to your home.
  • Damage noted after possession, wear and tear, and lightbulbs are excluded from warranty/service.
  • Coverages are outlined in your ANHWP Warranty Certificate and Workmanship and Materials Guide
  • Workmanship and material coverage under the Warranty Certificate is in effect for one (1) year from the date of possession. Your expiry date is noted with your address summary on the actual Warranty Certificate
  • Laminate Flooring: As per ANHWP, Laminate flooring is an engineered product and as such is subject to expansion and contraction. As such, gaps or loose boards that appear after possession are not warrantable.
  • In-Suite Service Requests are only deemed as received if they are succesfully sent to the Developer by the titled unit owner (no tenants)  via the Homeowner Portal Service Request function. Any other method of request will not be addressed.
  • If a Homeowner disagrees with the opinion of the Developer on the status or validity of a Service Request, or with the state of repair of an PI or Service Request item, you may request Conciliation through Alberta New Home Warranty. More info.

In-Suite (Settlement Cracks) 1 Year (Expired)

Please see detailed Settlement Crack repair information here

Appliance Warranty (1st Year) (Expired)

Unlike First Year Workmanship and Material Warranty, which is managed by the Developer and General Contractor via the Homeowner Portal Service Request, appliance warranties are handled between the homeowner and the appliance supplier directly.


You do not need to copy Qualex on any communication with Appliance provider.

Common Area Warranty 1 Year (Expired April 14 ,2017)

  • Common areas are all areas outside your residential unit. This includes of course, lobby, parkade, amenities, and hallways, but also the exterior pane of your windows, your patio/balcony, and the exterior face of your entry door.


  • This warranty ensures the structural integrity of footings, foundations, floor joists, trusses and other load bearing elements in the home for a 5 year period after the substantial completion of the Condominium.
  • Structural warranty is now assumed by ANHWP. Please contact ANHWP for more details.

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