When the $118 million Park Point Garden Apartment Building was completed, the Qualex-Landmark Group added to the Beltline skyline in downtown Calgary. A perfect exclamation mark!

Group President Mohammed Esfahani gave a speech after the ribbon-cutting ceremony: “Qualex-Landmark has more than 25 years of real estate development experience in BC. 12 years ago, we came to the city of Calgary, optimistic about the Beltline community and decided to focus on the community. Building high-quality residential high-rise residential buildings. Today, I can confidently say that Park Point represents the best work of the Qualex-Landmark Group.”

He also highly appreciated and appreciated the dedication and dedication of the design and construction teams Axiom Builders, IBI Group, Trepp Design and Durante Kreuk over the past three years.
Park Point is located on 12th Avenue, 2nd Street, southwest, adjacent to the historic Central Memorial Park, overlooking the park’s quaint buildings, the public library. The exterior design of the Garden Residence reflects the surrounding environment and adds a new dimension and highlight to the long-standing Central Memorial Park.

The construction of the building began in the fall of 2015. Like other Qualex-Landmark construction projects, the project was carried out in an orderly manner according to the scheduled schedule and schedule. In order to achieve another milestone, there were 170-200 on-site staff during the peak construction period, and an average of 135 people were busy at the construction site every day to ensure that the project was completed on time and with high quality.
Designed by IBI Group, the world’s leading construction company, Park Point has 289 one, two and three bedroom homes with office townhouses around the ground floor.

The building has a black and white appearance, looking from the Memorial Park to the city center. The spectacular and unique vertical building shape is like a huge exclamation mark “!” with a podium as a dot on the base. Looking up the building, the uniquely designed color enhancement pattern has a step-like effect.The elegant double-decker lobby features natural marble floors and artistic wall skirts, and the beautiful chandeliers in the shape of fresh flowers and plants on the ceiling are impressive. The unique and fascinating exterior canopy further adds to the noble character of the building.

On the third floor of Park Point, in the 9,000-square-foot garden area, it offers a variety of sophisticated indoor and outdoor leisure and fitness facilities.

Outdoor leisure facilities include: Zen Terrace with terrace and water view, social meeting lounge, BBQ dining area and large dining table, and sundeck overlooking Central Memorial Park.

In-room amenities include a fully equipped gym, state-of-the-art digital fitness equipment, a yoga/pilates studio facing the park, an infrared sauna steam room, a shower room, a dressing room, and more.

The Beltline community has many stylish and cultural gatherings, which is one of the many reasons why the region is a leader in 185 communities across the city.Park Point family residents are within walking distance to a variety of trendy bars and restaurants such as Native LeueTaqueria (2 minutes), Hop in Brew (2 minutes), Ten Foot Henry (4 minutes), Vine Arts Wine Spirits (5 minutes) ), Vintage Chophouse and Tavern (3 minutes), and more.

It’s no surprise that Beltline scored 90 out of 100 based on the Walk Score score.Park Point’s new residents will be proud of this as they can reach every famous landmark in the city centre on foot. Take the following set of numbers as an example:

Central Memorial Park – 1 minute walk from the 10th Avenue National and Craft – 5 minutes walk to the shopping center Core Shopping Center – 10 minutes walk
+15 Skywalk Skywalk – 10 minutes walk to the city’s core business center – 16 minutes walk
Mission Community – 16 minutes walk to the Cowboy Park Stadium Saddledome – 18 minutes walk to the Cowboy Park Arena – 18 minutes walk to the East Village – 23 minutes walk

According to the latest census statistics, last year, the Beltline community newly moved to 1,668 people, ranking first among the fastest-growing communities in the city. The total number of residents reached 24,887, which is second only to the number of residents in the Panorama Hills community in the northwest.

The Qualex-Landmark Group’s corporate mission is to “create a luxurious residential community for residents, combining modern living with quality amenities and urban access to create the perfect lifestyle that balances work, life and leisure.”

Park Point is one of the classics. Each unit has an open and bright living room space, high-grade composite solid wood flooring, three-color modern kitchen, natural gas cooker and automatic closing cabinet, high-end bathroom facilities and lamps, etc., designed to be noble, bright and simple. It is full of humanity and is very exciting.

Today, Qualex-Landmark has achieved remarkable success with its innovative capabilities and dedication to customer satisfaction. They have built more luxury apartment buildings in the Beltline community than other property developers.Over the past 12 years, more than 1,300 high-quality residential units have been built, with a real estate value of nearly $500 million. The high-rise apartment buildings built include STELLA, NOVA, LUNA, CALLA, MARK and PARK POINT.

The sales manager told reporters that all the Park Point units are almost sold out, and currently only 10 sets of existing homes are in the late sale. Whether you are a retired person or a busy office worker, you can take advantage of this last luxury home, the unparalleled Central Memorial Park and the spectacular city skyline.

Park Point luxury high-rise apartment special highlights:

  • A total of 2,302 plants and 48 trees were planted in the Zen Garden and the outdoor patio area.
  • 1,200 cm of concrete was poured on the 3rd floor isolation panel to maintain the safety of the garden structure. Compared to the standard roof-top swimming pool, the concrete thickness is only 375 cm.
  • A water softening system is installed in the building to filter out hard minerals in the water, and the homeowner can use the same amount of soap and washing liquid for the same cleaning work.
  • The 23,000-pound chiller has been upgraded to 36 storeys, making it the largest lifting project in Kacheng since 2016.

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Park Point in the Beltline neighbourhood (Calgary)

Amenity: Common Area Lounge

Amenity: Fitness Centre