Selecting Your Legal Representative

As per your Purchase Agreement, you will need to provide Qualex-Landmark Western Inc. with the name and details of your legal representative/ Lawyer (which is mandatory in order to close).

Homeowners may choose any Alberta real estate conveyance legal representation (except Dentons Canada LLP), however we recommend some legal representatives which Qualex and our Solicitor (Dentons Canada) regularly work with.

Benefits of using these firms include:

  • preferred rates for Qualex-Landmark™ Homeowners
  • smoother and speedier closing process
  • vast knowledge of pre-construction purchase agreements and multi-family residential

Next steps:

  1. Contact the legal representative of your choosing to inquire about/confirm representation
  2. Provide us with your legal representation information at least 14 days prior to your closing date. Your selection can be sent via email to

Subject Line: Include your correct Mark suite number

Email Body: Include your legal representation name, address and phone number

Please be reminded that the Purchaser is responsible for legal fees.

Send and email to now

The solicitor representing Qualex-Landmark Western Inc is

Craig R. Hill
Partner 403 268 6890
Dentons Canada LLP
15th Floor, Bankers Court
850 – 2nd Street SW Calgary, AB T2P 0R8 Canada

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