Suite Measurements and Sizes

As noted on all marketing plans, ‘all sizes and dimensions shown are approximate only and are subject to change. To maintain the standards of this development, the developer reserves the right to make changes and modifications to specifications and materials without notice’.

We appreciate that many Homeowners would like to have copies of exact measurements for furniture placement etc in advance of closing. Please note that we do not have exact final room by room dimension measurements for each home, as site conditions and variances can occur suite by suite. Further, methods of measurements can also vary from an end user, Realtor, or certified Surveyor (see below for more details).

You may refer to your marketing plan for approximate room measurements, or you may take some quick on-site room measurements at the end of your PDI.

So what measurements are used to determine if the final built home is larger, smaller or the same size as the estimated pre-construction sizes shown in the marketing materials?  By comparing the Proposed Condominium Plan set out in Schedule “1” and the Final Survey filed with the Land Title Office at completion. See Purchase Agreement Addendum A, Section 6 E and F which explains this in detail.

At Closing, your legal representative will refer to and compare these two survey sizes. Please refer to See Purchase Agreement Addendum A, Section 6 E and F or your QLU Homeowner Completion Guide for more details.

You can also refer to the Construction Drawings (here) for approximate room measurements. Note that Construction Drawings are not final and are also subject to variances and site conditions.


Qualex-Landmark™ is a licensed trademark, being used by Qualex-Landmark Union Inc. under license from Qualex-Landmark Management Inc. This document is for general reference and assistance purposes only. This document should not be relied upon as legal advice or as a substitute for maintenance guides, operational manuals, Condominium Property Act, bylaws or Warranty Program requirements.