Settlement Crack Repair

As communicated pre-possession, settlement cracks (such as the three types described below) discovered after possession but within the unit’s warranty period will be repaired on a one-time basis and made paint/texture ready.  We follow the industry standard protocol for warranty repairs as outlined in your Alberta New Home Warranty Program (Workmanship and Material Guide), and the Alberta New Home Buyer Protection Act.

We typically commence repairs of settlement cracks in the last 2-3 months of the warranty period for units that have filed the related Service Request. Please note that such repairs require 2 service visits.


Drywall Settlement Cracks

(per ANHWP Workmanship and Materials Guide Section 14.2 & Alberta New Home Buyer Protection Act)

  • Drywall cracks are associated with normal shrinkage and the settlement process. Cracks are not unusual.
  • The repair of normal shrinkage cracks are a one-time repair. Cracks are filled and sanded but not painted
  • Painting is the responsibility of the homeowner.
  • Ceiling settlement cracks, which are usually hairline in size, will also be filled by filling or caulking. Re-texturing of the ceiling does not occur, and in most cases, owners choose to opt-out (see below).

Caulking/Grout Settlement Cracks

(per ANHWP Workmanship and Materials Guide Section 14.2 & Alberta New Home Buyer Protection Act)

  • Grout between floor tiles shall not exhibit cracks or separations that are readily apparent from a normal lighting and normal viewing position (5ft away).
  • Repaired sections of grout shall be of similar type/colour but colour variances should be expected, and this is acceptable

Door Wood Trim Mouldings &  Baseboard Wood Trim Settlement Cracks

(per ANHWP Workmanship and Materials Guide Section 5.2.2 & Alberta New Home Buyer Protection Act)

  • Hairline cracks are acceptable on painted trim surfaces between joined or adjacent pieces. No repair is required/not warrantable
  • For Joints that have separated, caulk or paint is an acceptable repair. Repaired areas shall closely match the original finished surface for colour, sheen and texture; however, they may exhibit slight differences in appearance.

Opting Out

  • Owners often wish to opt-out of settlement crack repair, as often the cracks are minor and become more noticeable when made ‘paint ready’ – especially if the owner has changed paint, and because of inconvenience and dust concerns due to sanding.
  • Repairs typically require two day service visits – 1st visit is for the filling of the crack, the 2nd visit, once the fill is dry, is for sanding.
  • Qualex operates on the basis that all settlement cracks Service Request received (prior to end of warranty) are to be repaired as per above, unless the Homeowner chooses to opt-out.
  • If you wish to Opt Out please send an email to, with your suite number + Opt Out in the subject line. In the body, please note that you wish to opt out of drywall and or grout settlement crack repair. Example below: