Park Point has been 4 years in the making and a labour of love in many ways. With the completion of this residential community in August 2018, over 250 homeowners have now moved in and call Park Point their home. Together, its parkside location, the burgeoning Beltline neighbourhood and quality finishes have made this community a sought after address for many. To stay competitive in the market and meet homeowners’ expectations, our team is thoughtful at each stage from design to the selection of methods and materials we choose to integrate into the process. No one knows better than our construction team the amount of hard work when it comes to the details. We decided to ask our construction manager Kevin Jung some key questions about building Park Point and here’s what he said.

Tell us about your role and what you enjoy most about it?
As a Project Manager in construction, my role is to ensure we deliver the building to the purchasers on time with a level of quality that homeowners have come to expect when purchasing a home from Qualex-Landmark™. This includes regular site visits, corresponding with general contractor and engineers, reviewing drawings and much more.
I enjoy all aspects of my job, but if I had to choose one, it would be the feeling of knowing a building inside out upon completion.

What are a few things that would surprise most people when it comes to constructing a building?
Concrete cures indefinitely as long as there is moisture. However, after 28-days it reaches 99% of its designed strength.
Maximum wind speed the tower crane can safely operate is 30mph. Keep in mind that the wind speed gets faster as you go higher up in elevation. So even a light breeze on the ground can be a strong wind at 300 feet off the ground.
Green roof is an excellent heat regulator. During summer, green roof reflects direct sunlight and reduce heat transfer by evaporating the moisture in the plants. During winter, a green roof helps maintain heat in the building.

Park Point is the largest residential community Qualex Landmark has built so far with a total of 289 homes. In what ways have Park Point exceeded standard construction practices?
Acoustic Upgrade: We hired a third-party acoustic consultant to review our mechanical equipment and assess any potential noise concerns it can have on the suites and surrounding areas. We ended up proceeding with $100k+ worth of upgrades which were above and beyond code requirement to ensure homeowners’ comfort.
Air Flow: Due to Calgary’s severe winter climate, standing/sitting next to a large window can feel very cold at times. This is usually due to lack of air flow at the windows. To ensure we have proper air flow, we performed a smoke test to see how the air was being circulated in the suites. We revised the duct layout and air flow rate where there seemed to be insufficient air flow.
Water testing: All water pipes were tested under high pressure to minimize any potential for failure in the system. In addition to the water pressure testing, we hired a third-party mechanical consultant, to perform regular site inspections as part of our commitment to quality, efficiency and comfort.

What’s lies ahead for the future? What are some goals or innovative practices that the construction team at Qualex Landmark would like to integrate for future projects?
We are a strong believer in learning through experience. To ensure we continue to succeed, we pay close attention to each step of the construction progress and log it in our database. With over a quarter-century of residential and commercial development experience, our construction team has continued to refine our knowledge.
We continue to keep our eyes and minds open for new and innovative ideas to introduce to our purchasers. As mentioned in the previous questions, we’ve implemented a number of new innovative ideas at Park Point which we hope homeowners will enjoy for years to come.


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